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Jason Casarez

Casarez Footage: OIF 3 Iraq footage compilation- ’05

A few months ago I was packing up my things to move and I came across a pocket notebook. It was beat up and falling apart. The pages were stained with sweat causing the ink to run. Clearly this was a notebook that accompanied me in Iraq. There were only a few pages worth of recognizable entries. Another one of my failed attempts at a journal…

April 7 2005

  • Met the Commandant & Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.
  • Shot at a dead sheep (thought it was an IED)
  • Mortars hit our base, landed inside the wire.
  • Searched for the insurgent mortarmen through the palm groves of S. Dam Villiage
  • IED was detonated on our position
  • We detained an oil worker. Seemed innocent. We just wanted to ask more thorough questions with an interpreter. He ended up spilling his guts and telling us that he has worked with insurgents and he himself had placed at least 20 IED’s. Good catch. “Texas good, Iraq no good.”

April 8 2005

  • Went to Al Asad
  • Started patrol late at night. Caught flares at train station village. We stop and scan. Zito and I wonder how many “muj” were watching us. We point as if we can see them watching us. Then we wave hello.

April 20th

  • While in an OP heavy traffic comes over the comm. Red 1 is being engaged. .50 cal fire is heard during transmissions. We rush to their pos. We are met by small arms fire and RPG’s. We return small arms fire as the TOW is prepped.
  • We fire 3 TOW missiles. Small arms fire continues. Cobras and F-18’s are on station. Abrams are called. Tinian is hit by an IED while en route. RPG’s are fired again and land dangerously close. Crazy day. The building we hit with the TOW missiles is on fire.


-Jason Casarez


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